The review process undertaken by the Accreditation Unit (AU) of the SLMC and the estimated time for each stage are illustrated below.

  • Appointment of Reviewer Panel.

  • within one week …

    Informing the Medical School names of reviewers

  • Informing the AU about concerns to certain reviewers if any.

  • Submission of SER by the Medical School to AU.

  • within one week …

    Handing over the SER to the Reviewer Panel by the AU.

  • within four weeks …

    Desk Review meeting of Review Panel at AU to discuss and tentatively agree the scores for each standard.

  • within four weeks …

    Pre-site Review meeting at AU to plan Review Visit.

  • Site Visit.

  • within two to four weeks …

    Submission of Review Report to AU.

  • Discussion on the Review Report by AU with reviewers.

  • Conveying Pre-Final decision to the Dean/Medical School

  • within FOUR weeks …

    Observations, comments and appeals by the Dean on the Pre-Final Decision

  • within two weeks …

    AU meeting to discuss the appeals, observations and comments by the Medical School

  • Appointment of Appeal Board 1 or 2 if required

  • Within two (2) weeks

    Appeal Board to submit the report to AU

  • Within two (2) to four (4) weeks

    Consider the report of the Appeal Board by AU and prepare the Final Decision